Life After 2020

2020 is past halfway.  Everyone is receiving an equal share of uncertainties. The rich are worried about their investment, and the poor ponder on what to consume in the evening. My version of 2020 was a twin year that flowed in double blessings. Imagine double harvests, more investments, more births, and relations.

Well, it seems the year lingers more on the negative double, more deaths, losses, sickness, confusion, and hunger. Yes, the negative is doubling. If you feel you are disadvantaged to confront such a year, rethink 1918. The world witnessed the most severe pandemic whose impact is yet to be realized with Covid-19.

The 2020 pandemic is significantly different compared to 1918 despite similar containment measures. Currently, the pandemic is pushing the world to become more technologically empowered.

Expect the use of artificial intelligence and the internet of things technologies to skyrocket. Sooner the world is transforming to the internet of people.  You will be conjoined to an individual in a different country through wireless internet.

Have you seen Huawei internet balloons? Yeah? That is the 5th generation of the mobile network. Expect supersonic connections, downloads, and communications. By the way, who is funding the 5G installations?

Well, the internet of things is going deeper into remote areas.  The enhanced mobile broadband will easily convert you to the internet of people. Let’s go back to Covid-19 and revisit some of the restrictions. Word Health Organization called upon the governments to push for paperless transactions. Have you gone 100% paperless?  Not. Good, you are delaying the process. But Covid19 is training you to press the AI buttons.  The more you become a technology expert, the better for Covid-19.

Have you seen the certificate of compliance? Well, this is another thing with Covid-19. Let us talk some sense. How can a certificate of compliance prevent you from spreading the infection? First, Covid-19 is a highly infectious viral disease. Please do not ask me why they don’t scope your saliva instead of visiting your pharynx.  Back to the certificate of compliance, supposing, I get infected a second after attaining compliance certification?

Yes, the certificate of compliance is introducing you to living under permission. You need to have a code or a verification number to access something. It is a rehearsal period. The faster you understand, the better for Covid-19. 

What about keeping distance? Well, it is another strategy to help you cope with the future. Currently, a gathering is restricted, weddings, funerals, concerts, and public events are transitioning to the thing of the past. Here is the trick.  Imagine you can congregate online. Wait until the online media request for the certificate of compliance. It will be the moment Covid-19 has been waiting for to make your life miserable.

Good for you. It seems social distancing has become a part of you. Now, transitioning to the world after Covid-19 is good for you.  The ability to live in solitude without going crazy is training your gut. Be patient, learn, and understand where the future is taking us.

So after you learn and become technologically savvy, the world enters another pandemic that must be very infectious. Maybe it is an upgraded strain of Corona virus. The good news is that you will be able to transition because of the 2020 rehearsal. Remember, you ditched cash, gathering, and currently, the office is allowing working from home. It will not be a relaxing period. Expect a more manipulative world. A new government may emerge that is controlled centrally. They have all your documents in artificial intelligence. The internet of people becomes a reality, and code is implanted in your forehead or arm. It is expected through the code you have access to the things the world has to offer.  Maybe at this point, your DNA is altered, and you can easily turn to a zombie.

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